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Windows 10 Gog Galaxy sync error [file too big]

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this error comes up from time to time and is caused by Mic at Gog
sync error.png

I'll try to explain why it happens and how to fix it but I also assume a few things;
  • Gog Galaxy is installed currently is the lasted build but this doesn't work on systems below W10
  • I show Baldur's Gate EE because this is one of the most common games to get this error
  • Windows 10 is assumed here and it makes a small difference to where the save game folders are located
How to fix this error: I will start with the fix because I assume most people just want to know that info

Step 1
Gog Galaxy will only sync the Gog build of games so if you have more than 1 build installed first make sure you have the Gog one set to boot... sorry if that sounds obvious but I want to be clear

Step 2
go into the configure options and untick sync


Step 3;
run the Game and make at least 1 character save and one game save i.e, make a new game- save it then press quit... this should not cause an error because nothing is being synced but it also tested that the engine works and the OS will allow Gog permission to read\ wright to the save folder

Step 4;
set Gog Galaxy to sync game saves by repeating step 2 and ticking the sync box

Step 5;
Run the game allowing sync to finished then the game will boot up
Important! don't quit the game but press your *[Windows key] + [e] to open the file folder browser, navigate to *"Documents\ Bladur's Gate - Enhanced Edition and delete things until the total contents of this folder (including all sub folders) = less then 200 mb... ScrnShot is normally the biggest hog for people that like to take lots of in game images so delete these first or just move then to some other location if you want copies

if you have cut this folder size down to at least 200mb then go ahead and quit the game now... if you still have have more then 200 mb total then Galaxy will spit out the error message again... telling you how much stuff in still in the folder

*Windows 7 users do not have a [Windows key] option
* the default location of Documents assumes Windows 8, 8.1 or 10... its in a different folder for W7 users

[note Galaxy is happy to take any amount of data from your system C drive up to their cloud server and only jacks up when it come time to give some of it back]
i.e you only get this error if there is more than 200mb in the bg folder at the end of a game... never at the start
Beamdog users will have a folder called 'programs' in their save folder location and should move or just delete it


this folder contains back up copies of Window library + Itunes exe files for ease of install but is over 200 mb just on its own and shares the same game save location as the Gog build

note: its the Beamdog client that puts these files into your game save folder and not installing the game them selves so you only need to remove it once

p.s, remove the files does NOT effect running the game in any way and you can uninstall \ reinstall the Beamdog client if you really want them back
this space set aside for future use