1. ussnorway

    Windows 10 how to get your Twitch drops in BG3 on Gog

    I keep getting asked this question by frustrated Gamers so I'm laying out the steps 1. you have to watch two hours of streamers with a "twitch drop" addon showing ... it doesn't matter if you own a copy of the game yet and it doesn't have to be two hours in one go but you MUST be signed in as...
  2. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Gog Galaxy sync error [file too big]

    this error comes up from time to time and is caused by Mic at Gog I'll try to explain why it happens and how to fix it but I also assume a few things; Gog Galaxy is installed currently is the lasted build but this doesn't work on systems below W10 I show Baldur's Gate EE because this...
  3. ussnorway

    workaround to get Forum links on Gog Galaxy 2

  4. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Paradox Rome mods: how to get them working on Gog

    Lets assume you have Imperator: Rome on Gog and you want to try some of the mods; step 1 = run the game ui step 2 = press the mods link then the mods on paradox step 3 = you must sign in to your Paradox account... to be clear because Paradox has two different levels of account, you only need...
  5. gog game keys

    gog game keys

    keys are only on the web page not galaxy