Paradox Rome mods: how to get them working on Gog


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Lets assume you have Imperator: Rome on Gog and you want to try some of the mods;
step 1 = run the game ui
step 2 = press the mods link then the mods on paradox
Screenshot (393).png

step 3 = you must sign in to your Paradox account... to be clear because Paradox has two different levels of account, you only need a free email to make a Paradox account, you can if you want link this account to your Gog game but that is not needed for this tutorial and there are down sides to doing it


step 4 = sign in and click a mod to download it... be aware that some of the mods listed here are busted folders with nothing inside them so have a look at the file size before waisting your time on them

step 5 = some versions of Windows need to unlock files from the internet before you can use them

step 6 = unpack the mod to your "mod" folder... you will need to make this folder first if its your first mod and don't use whatever name the mod maker gave it but unpack it to the root mod folder


step 7 = if you have installed the mod correct it will show in the game ui

enjoy the game guys
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