1. SarahEnrici

    Windows 10 Sharegate

    I need to transfer data (files and folders) to SharePoint Online and OneDrive as we do our office 365 migration. Currently, we are looking at Sharegate but the price and amount of work involved are a bit more than we want to spend in terms of budget. Was hoping to find something a lot more...
  2. 90Ninety

    Windows server Backup , Replication and Fail-over Ideas

    I am just becoming acquainted with Windows server , I have been ' Playing' with it in physical lab environments, so I can become comfortable and ultimately competent in using it for security (AD DC) and file permissions . I plan on deploying a server into a small business I work with , to cut...
  3. Axel PC

    Contacts stored in more than 1 service/place

    What are your thoughts on having your contacts in more than one location/service. Currently I just have all my contacts on my iPhone, so backedup to iCloud. I've been considering put them all into my email service as well. I'm thinking maybe it might be good to have them backed up in 2 different...
  4. david99999

    Windows 10 Backup Nightmare

    I am using a backup software and after a while one of the external hard drives disappears and Windows cannot locate it. Bizarre.
  5. FindlayCK

    Windows 10 Windows 10 backups, the UTC timestamp issue

    So, I was using Win 10 backup for a year or two, or three diligently on my craptop, craptop blew up and is more expensive to fix than replace. Started using brand new desktop and all my backups have UTC timestamps, from the now defunct laptop and any new ones made from the desktop. I see no...
  6. D

    Windows 7 How to create Mirror Copy of data disk (>200GB) for Backup

    Hi, I want to create a Mirror Copy of my data disk (all files within their folder structures) to a USB external drive, to use this as a manual backup, that I can manually browse (using Windows Explorer) at a later date, and view files as needed, and simply copy individual files back if...
  7. G

    Windows 10 How do I recover my backup files from a cd

    I had to reset my pc and it asked me to backup my files before I did it, so I backed up all of my files using 2 cd's. Now how do I get my backed up files back onto my pc from the cd's?
  8. V

    Windows XP VBR on System-Parition somehow not working

    Hallo Forum, once I've made a backup of my System-Partition of Windows XP 64 Professional including the MBR. As you can expect by this topic it doesn't work out as expected. To keep it short, after a lot of trouble I'm at the point where it seems that I have the VBR/Bootsektor at partition 2...
  9. J

    How To Backup Two Factor Authentication on Mobile

    Hello - I was wondering if there is anyway to backup or resync two factor authentication accounts from a mobile device after it is hard reset or after you have transferred the data to a new phone. So let's say you have a mobile device (Windows Phone, iOS, Android, doesn't matter) and you have...
  10. Axel PC

    Free ISO Software Recommendations

    Hello all! Can ya'll give me some recommendations and experiences on free ISO ripping software? I have a ton of music CDs, PC game & software CDs/DVDs, some sonogram DVDs, misc CDs that have children made school projects on them. I want to rip all of these to my computer to archive them. But if...
  11. M

    Windows 7 Windows 7 won't backup, update, change settings

    I have an older Sony Vaio laptop (3yrs) that fails at backup. Through the backup and restore session, run as Administrator, press the button and all that happens is the screen minimizes from full to half screen. no error message. It also will not allow me to change the settings. Also will...
  12. R

    Windows 10 Remove a directory from backup?

    OK this is a fairly simple question I think- but it's kinda hard to google for- So, I have a backup drive using windows 10's standard backup to an external drive. But I accidentally included a directory that I didn't want to, because it's too big, and now the drive is maxed; full. How do I...
  13. P

    Windows 8 How to restore deleted file while setting up a backup disk

    I inserted an external hard drive with soma data in order to place also Windows 8.1 backups there. While setting uo the backup from Windows control panel it deleted all data from this disk without having asked me about it while preparing the disk to be a backup disk. Is there a way to get my...
  14. C

    Windows 10 Windows 10 file history

    I've just installed windows 10 into my new PC. I have two SSDs in it, one for files and one for booting windows. I've decided to enable the windows 10 file history feature to backup 200GB worth of files from my boot SSD into to my 2nd SSD. My question is, if I set it to the hourly backup option...
  15. U

    Windows 8 Best way to backup files?

    What is the best way to backup files? Also could you direct me to guides or explain how to do the backup? I have been looking it up and from what I read there is a system image and file history that does back ups. But which is the best? If I needed to put my external hard drive into a...
  16. C

    Windows Vista Vista restoration problem

    OK, I have an issue that has the local geek squad saying, "um, I have no clue." I don't ask help much, guy issue I know. Anyway, I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ240E that I set up as a dual boot Vista/XP so I can use an older version of Architectural Deskstop on the XP side. I have a mirror of the...
  17. J

    Windows 10 File History does not back up ANY files

    I've been a long time user of the File History backup system - but recently (I believe while still using Windows 8) it just stopped backing up any files at all. When I manually ask it to run: it appears to run for about 2 minutes, completes, (I can hit "Run Now" again) There are no errors...
  18. ajames21

    Windows 8 Problems with Acronis True Image 2015 backup in windows 8.1

    I'm having some problem with backing up with using Acronis True Image 2015 backup for windows 8.1 and its taking so long to backup. I've waited several hours and not a single hard drive is moving to back up. The status is now 135.2 gb out of 238 gb from the ssd drive. The 135.2 gb is still not...
  19. Matthew Smith

    Windows 8 Back-up a single account

    Hello, On my PC I have multiple users, but because I am resetting my computer so that it's clean when I upgrade to Windows 10, I need a back-up. However, I only want to back up my account. Is that possible? And also, if I have received my upgrade, but reset my system, then I can still get the...
  20. Mike

    Windows 10 July 29th... Back up your system

    Please don't say I didn't warn you. If you reserved your upgrade of Windows 10, it is likely high time that you backup your system, right away. Most commercial backup software will work well with Windows 8.1 at this time, including the front-runners Acronis True Image 2015 and Paragon. These...