Contacts stored in more than 1 service/place

Axel PC

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What are your thoughts on having your contacts in more than one location/service. Currently I just have all my contacts on my iPhone, so backedup to iCloud. I've been considering put them all into my email service as well. I'm thinking maybe it might be good to have them backed up in 2 different places which happen to be 2 different services/companies. What if something happened to iCloud, temporary or permanently?

Do any of you have something like this set up as well? Thanks
It wouldn't hurt although the likelihood of iCloud going down permanently is probably pretty low. Temporarily down that could certainly happen as was the case when Dyn was attached back in 2016. You can see some pretty huge business names affected by it.

2016 Dyn cyberattack - Wikipedia.
Yeah you're probably right about iCloud. Wow I've never heard about the Dyn attack! That's a lot of major companies. Yeah I think I will add them to my email service. Yeah what if I didn't have access to my iPhone and needed to look up something in my contacts. Having them on my email service would help with that.
Yeah having everything on your phone only is a bad idea. It's interesting when people do that and their phone is damaged or stolen and they spend a lot of time recovering information if even possible.
Yeah I need to be more aware of this potential situation. I suppose because we all put so much information in our phone and use it so much that we forget that it's our primary computer/database that if we don't have access to it for more than a few hours or an entire day, that it could cause a lot of problems.