Problems with Acronis True Image 2015 backup in windows 8.1


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I'm having some problem with backing up with using Acronis True Image 2015 backup for windows 8.1 and its taking so long to backup. I've waited several hours and not a single hard drive is moving to back up. The status is now 135.2 gb out of 238 gb from the ssd drive. The 135.2 gb is still not moving. Is there any solution to fix this kind of problem.


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What's the target storage location?... some kind of network, usb or the c drive will all make it drag out... as will having a page fille because thats encripted.


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I've owned and used several paid versions of Acronis and have given up on acronis. They've become progressively worse and 2015 is the worst.

More important than speed is the ability to restore your backups. That's why I gave up on Acronis. Try the free version of Macrium Reflect. It may not be any faster (probably is) but the important function of any backup software is dependability not speed.