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    Spiffy Gmail Notifier

    GDany I expect from the notifier to do is pop up when new mail comes in and to have 1 email account any out their ?
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    Spiffy Gmail Notifier

    GDany thanks do you know of any desktop standalone Gmail Notifier ?
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    Windows 10 email duration ?

    I am not computer savy I want to set the duration to a custom value via the MessageDuration Registry value; to be longer then 5mins can I do it using the settings below if so how do I set it up ? Windows 10 Start-> Settings-> Ease of Access-> Display (or “Other options” in earlier Windows 10...
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    Spiffy Gmail Notifier

    I am a disabled person I have been trying to get Spiffy Gmail Notifier Download Spiffy - MajorGeeks work it will not download new mail can aomeone please try it and see if it works please
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    Thunderbird email client keep alerts up for the duration ?

    I am using Thunderbird email client how do I keep alerts up for the duration time up and not have the pop up disappear after a certain amount of time ?
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    Gmail Storage ?

    GDany I read this Empty Updates and Promotions Google Gmail has tabs for quite some time now. Of these tabs, Inbox is the primary area where all of your important emails come. But then there are also Updates, where LinkedIn emails come, and Promotions where you get emails from your banks. Most...
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    Gmail Storage ?

    GDany if I delete all emails in Updates and Promotions first and after that, if I want, you can delete the labels also, the difference is ?
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    Gmail Storage ?

    I want to free up storage space if I delete Updates, where LinkedIn emails come, and Promotions where you get emails from your banks. Most of the time these are useless emails. where you store your in All Mail [archived mail] will it be deleted ?
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    Firefox jason bookmark backup open with ?

    I backed up my jason bookmarks from Firefox I made a mistake and used word pad to open with I want to go back and have it as Firefox has it like this bookmarks-2019-10-28.json how do I get rid of word pad open with icon go back to the way Fire fox has it ?
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    Firefox ?

    I am using firefox 60.0 with windows 10 home. I just had a windows 10 update Heres my issue with firefox bookmarks and show all bookmarks when you hit organize it drops down but there is no word move to move your bookmark pages to a folder.This feature is missing I also have a couple things not...
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    Firefox 57 ? css. chrome ?

    I am a disabled person not technical hope am not out of line someone installed a zip file with chrome css to make Firefox 57 look like classic look go to screenshot on the top of page site Firefox Configuration - MarkRH I got this which looks nothing like the screenshot on the site can you tell...