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    Adobe Reader Issues?

    There is an Adobe flash Player 10, but I was talking about Adobe Reader. It only shows latest version as 9.1
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    Adobe Reader Issues?

    The adobe site doesn't show a version 10. Where did you find it?
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    Adobe Reader Issues?

    Yes I have the latest version. Unfortunately my company only uses Adobe for reading and printing information so I am stuck with it.
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    Adobe Reader Issues?

    Are we still having problems with Adobe Reader? I didn't have problems with the win 7 beta, but with the RC the Adobe Reader only works periodically and I have to do a repair install frequently.
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    Installing 7127 over 7100

    Thanks I will leave my current RC alone since everything is working great so far.
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    Installing 7127 over 7100

    Any big difference or any real reason to move from 7100? I have installed most of my programs and games etc. and everything is running almost perfect. Any serious reason to start all over again I guess is my question. Thanks
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    Windows 7 no virtual drive programs working on windows 7?

    Alcohol 120 is currently testing an update to use with Win 7.
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    Can't install Office 2003

    Mine installed and is running with no problem at all. I have the win 7 64 bit install.
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    Windows 7 Remove Shortcut Arrows

    How do you get rid of the shortcut arrows on the icons? tweakui did it for XP.
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    Downloaded RC1 won't boot?

    I don't get what the problem is either. I downloaded the iso file and burned it to dvd. I set the bios to boot to dvd. I have tried two different ways as I have two harddrives and I plan on dual booting. When I boot to cd with my c drive and second priority it goes to the boot record that I...
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    Windows 7 Far Cry 2 Bizarre Boot Message

    Weird, my far cry 2 loads normally. I haven't seen that message yet.
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    Logitech G15 Keyboard

    I have the exact same issue. Everything works fine including the G keys. but the sound volume doesn't register like it did in XP
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    updates and no support

    I came straight from a perfectly working XP Pro and now duel boot with Win 7 on a separate harddrive. I am shocked this is a beta because everything for me works perfect. All software, hardware and even all the games so far. The only issue I have is finding where everything is since I never...
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    How to turn off internet connection?

    Has nothing to do with speed. If the internet is on then the antivirus has to be on which means when it catches incoming issues it pops up which means the game is interrupted everytime....get it yet? By the way thanks for the actual answer reghackr
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    How to turn off internet connection?

    I know it is here somewhere, but where is the internet connection to disable? When I play games I don't want the internet or other programs on that might interfere. I did it easily with XP, but I can't fine where to disable in win 7. Thanks
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