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    what is this?

    Can i delete it?
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    Eset Nod32 Force delete

    I need help with some programs that are false detected by eset nod32. But the problem is i don't want to turn off my realtime protetction, When i download it i want it not to FORCE DELETE IT. I want it to ask to delete that file. I tried installing that file and says thread found. And i click...
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    what is this?

    i've got this file when i bought oculus quest
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    Windows random crash

    You mean your screen would go Black? And your pc restarts? If the error type is Kernel you have an some overclocked hardware and it doesnt get the right amount of voltage.
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    upgraded to a new harddrive. now had MEMORY_MANAGMENT BSOD

    This means that a piece of hardware tried to access something to your system but the system said No and it crashes. I fixed mine by reinstalling windows clean
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    crash while recovering from sleep mode

    You may have an overclocked gpu or cpu so your overclocked gpu or cpu doesnt get the right ammount of voltage that should be because of an power suply is not giving the right voltage that the system needs.
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    Whats new wont update

    I got an answer You could disabled your updates on registry to open it open cmd and type regedit
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    Windows Recovery Error

    This would be your graphics FIRMWARE is BROKEN or CORRUPTED or you basicly deleted system32 or sysWOW64 recoverable replacing video card. Reply to this: have you got an BSOD/ blue screen of death? And what the error said?
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    Can not play videos files in full screen

    Does your screen happen to be black entirely while doing this. If yes then replace your video cable or change it to other type like mine: I replaced HDMI with DP Another method: Reinstall video drivers and update them check if something is broken in your gpu or monitor
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    My "Mail" App freezes so i cant see my emails through there.

    Sometimes my Mail keeps freezing. Like i go in there last email 10 days ago but in my gmail on opera i get email everyday. I need help. Windows specs: Windows 10 Pro Windows 1909 specs: Gpu: Amd radeon 5700 rx Cpu: Amd ryzen 5 3600 6 core motherboard: Msi bazooka v2 please help me.
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    BSOD: Inaccessible boot device after updating from April 2018 to May 2019 update

    You can fix it by doing startup repair because a sector has been corupted or changed or you choosed the wrong disk mode in your BIOS
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    BSOD win 10

    This would easy fix but what error code in the BSOD?
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    Currently free for help. If you need help i can sign in teamviewer.

    Currently free for help. If you need help i can sign in teamviewer.
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    PC Freezes and static plays through the headphones

    Have you gotten a bsod when this sound happened? If yes thats the glitchy noise if you listened to music. That could be your headphones. Headphone drivers. Drivers firmware. Tips: 1. Reinstall headphone drivers. 2. If the sound looks like 90s sounds. Then you coudl picked a wrong audio device...