My "Mail" App freezes so i cant see my emails through there.


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Sometimes my Mail keeps freezing. Like i go in there last email 10 days ago but in my gmail on opera i get email everyday. I need help.

Windows specs:
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 1909
Gpu: Amd radeon 5700 rx
Cpu: Amd ryzen 5 3600 6 core
motherboard: Msi bazooka v2

please help me.


I had this problem but managed to fix it today. In my case all I needed to do was update the Mail and Calendar app via the Windows Store. Check that the Store is set to automatically download updates and check for any new updates. ... Go into Windows Store and settings to turn off automatic updates


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To me that does not sound like a fix, just being lucky, but you are right you might have replaced mail with one without that bug. And it make no sense to me to turn off automatic updates, your mail app should be kept up to date.
I think that I may have gone into the account section of mail, removed the current account, reentered it, and so replaced the old and may be corrupted profile with a new one.
But who cares, you are up and runing, i hope this recepe also works for TechGust.
B.t.w, we still don't know if he uses the same mail client.
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