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  1. P

    yahoo[mail] issues?

    having yahoo-mail issues? apart from the answers yahoo proffers … the answer could be staring you straight in the face. happened to me over the course of the past two weeks. quite often, i check the weather … of course, yahoo-weather offers wealth of info...
  2. I

    Windows 7 Delete emails in Outlook for the visually impaired

    Hello, I have recently set up Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as an IMAP client for my blind customer's yahoo email account. She has a screen reader installed on her PC called Jaws. We've set it up and tested sending and receiving email and it seems to be working really well, with one exception...
  3. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Office10 e-mail

    When I open Outlook to get my email, instead of the mail automatically come to my screen, I have to click on "Send and Receive">"all" before anything comes in. I have had a problem with my computer and I am wondering whether something has been turned off which has affected the automaticcally...
  4. Ron Paul Interviews Lavabit Owner on NSA E-Mail Controversy

    Ron Paul Interviews Lavabit Owner on NSA E-Mail Controversy

    Exclusive provided to https://windowsforum.com/ Lavabit is an email service founded in 2004 that suspended operations in August 2013. It is owned and operated by Ladar Levison.