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Aug 28, 2014
having yahoo-mail issues? apart from the answers yahoo proffers … the answer could be staring you straight in the face. happened to me over the course of the past two weeks.

quite often, i check the weather … of course, yahoo-weather offers wealth of info on it's affiliate website. such as this case to be: i bookmarked yahoo-weather … placing it in my bookmark-toolbar (firefox). i would casually notice, when opening yahoo-weather … my "status" and "email" would display in upper-right corner of yahoo's weather page.


all was good in the land of oz.

until last week … suddenly my yahoo-mail password wouldn't accept. went ahead and changed the password … next day, same occurrence. this current weekend began, while not changing password and not logging into yahoo-mail … happened to pull up yahoo-weather. lo and behold … i was already logged on!

lol … logging out of yahoo-weather and removing it's bookmark from the toolbar resolved the situation.

so, i propose what happened is this: yahoo altered one of their php modules … and my yahoo-weather wouldn't automatically sync/log out when i logged out of yahoo-mail. what did i learn from this exercise? to utilize yahoo-weather's link from within yahoo-mail interface.

mark this as "case resolved"d'oh!

anyway … i am offering this info for others who happen to be trollin' google in quest for answers.

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Well, I'm dumping Yahoo mail permanently. I know I have 11 unread messages, but they will forever remain unread. For years, the only email addresses I had were Yahoo. Now I use other, more reliable providers such as, Gmail, Hotmail and my latest, Proton Mail.
I even tried to log in at a Yahoo forum, but that didn't work either. Goodbye, Yahoo!