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Windows 10 Mail Client Display Name


Senior Member
Dec 19, 2017

I have a question regarding the Windows 10 Mail client. We have a Windows 10 PC and are using the built in Mail client and have configured it for 3 different email accounts (3 different Gmail accounts).

The problem is that when we send email from the W10 Mail Client, the 'From' information at the receiver has a misspelling and we can't figure out where / how to change it in the W10 Mail client this as this was setup about a year ago.

Where do we change this information? Hopefully the attached picture will show you what I'm referring to.

Thanks in advance!
Windows Question.jpg
I'm certainly no expert on the Windows Mail app but the picture you included is showing your inbox. THAT is where it shows the mail you received from someone else. What you outlined is the name that was on the email that someone sent to you. There wouldn't be any way for you to change the name on incoming mail because the app is displaying the data that came on the email from whoever sent it.

If your problem is that your name is wrong on the emails you are sending out, that is in the account data you entered when you set up the account. I don't see any way to change it within the app. There probably is a way to edit the data, but without a way to do it in the app makes it a job for an expert. If you don't have access to an expert, you might need to consider deleting the account (which is easy in the app) and creating a new account in the app with the name spelled correctly.
Thank you.... yes, it seems like the solution is to delete the account and then re-add it. Fortunate or unfortunately, I received a new laptop and used Outlook instead of the Mail app.