1. M

    Windows 10 How can I remove my Pin?

    Hello On my PC, I can log in with a pin code or with a password. I would like to change that, so that I can just only log in with a password and not with a pin, because I dont think the pin save enough. But I cant change that in my options. How can I remove the pin code? Can you help me...
  2. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 Require Administrator Password For All Users

    Is there a way to set a windows computer to require an administrator password, even if the current user is an administrator, in order for a program to run as administrator? For example, when an administrator runs a program as administrator, they get this prompt: Could it be set to give them...
  3. B

    Windows 7 Here's a good challange for your gurus =) (lost both os & bios pwds)

    Hey guys, this is my first post, so hello to everyone and thank you for your replies. I just dug up my old laptop which was supposed to have a failed motherboard, but to my delightful surprise it boots up just fine. Its an ASUS GL551. The problem is this...I do not have admin access to...
  4. stealthiii

    Windows 7 Help with removing old passwords from computers

    Hello all, I have two desktop stations that were previously used by two of my paralegals. They have since moved on to other companies, but they failed to leave the passwords for these machines. I was not managing partner at the time, or the computers would have been set up as network machines...
  5. P

    yahoo[mail] issues?

    having yahoo-mail issues? apart from the answers yahoo proffers … the answer could be staring you straight in the face. happened to me over the course of the past two weeks. quite often, i check the weather … of course, yahoo-weather offers wealth of info...
  6. Noordeen

    Windows 7 How to Find wifi password on windows 7

    this a Video Tutorial about how to find WIFI password on Windows 7. In this method I show you how find the wifi key in Command and in windows Mode.
  7. R

    Windows 10 win10 requireing login pw even though i've set it up not to

    recent (free) upgrade from win 7. have gone thru the following steps to disable the login pw requirement: 1. power options > system settings - under pw protection on wakeup, the option "don't require a password" is checked 2. Run >NEPLWIZ>OK - under user accounts, "users must enter a user...
  8. A

    Windows 10 Stuck safemode with no password

    Dear I had issues with Windows 10 and decided to restart in safemode via Msconfig. After the reboot I tried to login but I forgot the password. I can't change it online because of the safemode. Please can someone help me out! Thank you in advanced A.D.
  9. E

    Windows 8 how to recover forgotten wifi password

  10. How to Recover or Reset Your Lost Windows 7 Password

    How to Recover or Reset Your Lost Windows 7 Password

    Windows 7 passwords can be lost. To recover a lost Windows password when all else fails, you can use a freeware utility: Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor using Linux-based boot media. This utility is explained and demonstrated in this online tutorial. This video is a software...