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    Windows 7 on a eeepc 100heb?

    Ok so I have a eeepc net book 100heb model. And I have a windows 7 ultimate 32bit disc and key that I got for attending the win7 conference earlier this year. I would assume to install it to the net book I would need to convert the disc to a USB drive, no problem. I'm just curious if anyone...
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    DVD to WMV?

    Ok so I've moved into a new house and want to network my computers to my xbox and use media center as my primary entertainment source. What I want to know is does windows 7 have a program that will take the video from a DVD and make it a high quality WMV file. that way I can store my DVD's in...
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    help! motherboard wont post

    I fairly certain there isn't a system speaker on the board. I know my case has headphone jack that connects to the board but i would assume that it would not perform the same function. I'll have to see if any one has a system speaker local, or order one.
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    help! motherboard wont post

    you know i feel dumb that I hadn't thought of that. I'm relatively novice to system building and gigabyte when asking about beeps never mentioned a system speaker. Could I buy one cheap, and plug it in to see what sort of beeps it may be throwing off? I have the manual and box and everything...
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    help! motherboard wont post

    No I didn't send any of my components in with the board. I was too afraid that I wouldn't get them back. Unfortunately this computer in compassed all the up to date parts I have. My other computer is significantly older and it isn't an am2 socket, plus the memory is an older standard. My new...
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    help! motherboard wont post

    like I said I've been using the items in my sig. CPU Type: AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Motherboard: Gigabyte MA78GM-US2H Ram: CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 Power: Rosewill Stallion Series 500W ATX12V and a sony cd drive and a wd green hard drive sata 500gb I have no idea what the...
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    help! motherboard wont post

    ok so I have a GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard It was working fine for about 2 months then stopped posting. I contacted Gigabyte's support line they said to try a few different things and listen to how many beeps the board gives but the board doesn't...
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    whats the process of new install over XP?

    So has anyone installed the final windows 7 release? can you explain the install process over XP? Is an old XP disk needed? Does win 7 ask for your old XP serial key? Cant wait for the release this coming month, But I cant find my old XP disk I do belive I have the serial key some where though...
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    Free Windows 7 with Product Key By Attending New Efficiency Launch Events

    I saw this on slick deals and signed up immediately. I'm really excited. I have 7 home ed on pre-order but hey I'll take a copy of professional as well. Plus I realy hope to learn optimizing tips and such. should be a fun day.
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    Media Centre and Xbox360 Configuration Error

    I have WMC working on my 360. though to be honest I prefer playiong videos on the 360 outside of the WMC section when I stream through WMC it seems like rewind fast forward doesn't work as well. plus when you just stream through the MP you can organize your files better. hope you get it working...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Watermark Removal.

    I actually like having the watermark there telling me what build I use. would this work to put a watermark in the corner if I don't have one?
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    what do I do about failing hard disk?

    Just a little update the guy on ebay has offered to replace the drive if I ship the defective one back. I gonna do that but also purchase the caviar drive at best buy I just feel safer with a NEW drive plus if anything goes wrong best buy is right down the street, plus 500gb is more space than I...
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    what do I do about failing hard disk?

    well out of curiosity what do u think of Link Removed - Invalid URL like I said I'm working on a budget
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    what do I do about failing hard disk?

    I just sent an email to the ebay seller to see if I can get a replacement drive. Unfortunately his listing only gives me 7 days to request a return and I bought the drive on the 23rd maybe he'll be nice enough to help me out. fingers crossed.
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    what do I do about failing hard disk?

    the site says that there is no warranty and that the drive is a component drive.