whats the process of new install over XP?


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So has anyone installed the final windows 7 release?
can you explain the install process over XP?
Is an old XP disk needed? Does win 7 ask for your old XP serial key?

Cant wait for the release this coming month, But I cant find my old XP disk I do belive I have the serial key some where though. I built my PC myself and didn't put the sticker on the PC case, but I think it's in my box of extra components.


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No, 7 will not ask for XP Serial,,, yes, you will need XP Disk if you purchase or have a Win 7 Upgrade disk
No, you can not install 7 over XP, it will do a clean install.

You can start the install of 7 from within XP (i believe), but make sure you backup all data first before installing Win 7.
The install will wipe out certain stuff, during the installation. In this case, it will perform a clean install and not an upgrade.

There are many threads in this forum and elsewhere regarding these questions.
Infact,,, there is a sticky in this very forum regarding some of what you ask, and many threads.
Please search first.