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    Google Chrome bookmarks experiences

    I often use Bookmarks but manually. I can delete or add some of them. Also, I often use the option of bookmarks export “Export bookmarks to HTML file”. You can read the ful info here But I would like to use some tools to manage...
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    Itunes Backup

    I use iTunes for the first time. Can someone tell me where the iTunes backup is stored?
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    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I am playing Suoer Mario Bros on Nintendo emulator Nintendo Roms, Download Best Nintendo Game. Great game,
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    😍Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge Speed Test on Windows 10 😍

    I've already seen this review on other forums. You have made a great job if it is your video. As for me, I prefer using Chrome and not only because of it si fast enough. I also like their design, the ability to download and install different extensions and the ability to download older versions...
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    Firefox, Chrome & Opera help needed

    I think it is better to download the latest version of Firefox for example and use it instead of looking for some tweaks. They ahve increased the speed of the browser and it is a big plus for Firefox nowadays.
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    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    I prefer to use Avast. You can get it here It is free and does not overload your system. I use it for a long time.
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    Change account details

    Try to download iTunes for Windows here You should probably try this version. I used it already and everything was working properly.
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    Fonts too Light and hard to read

    Also, you can try to use other fonts. Some of them can be better perceived by eyes. There are a lot of platforms where you can test such fonts and see which one is better in differnet colors. I use Fontsly – Download High Quality Free Fonts to do this.
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    P2P File Sharing

    Yesterday, I downloaded the latest version of EasyMule easyMule Download - Free Latest Version for Windows or as it's also known by the name of eMule. I would like to know how I can use it effectively and how it can be helpful. As I understood, I can use it for managing downloads and uploads...
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    New to Windows. Any tips, things to do etc...

    I can recommend you to download and install a bulk of the necessary software. You can use this website Windows Software - Free Downloads and Reviews - for example. They can recommend you a good combo of software to use to make your life easier with Windows 10.
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    error installing avg antivirus

    I'll better use NOD 32. I did not like AVG while was testing it. You can download the latest version here NOD32 AntiVirus Free Download - Latest Version for Windows . I think it's more stable and functional than AVG. But it's my choice.
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    Do you use a VPN?

    I use AVG Secure VPN and I am satisfied with its workflow. I always download the latest versions at AVG Secure VPN Free Download - Latest Version for Windows. It works in a stable way and I can be sure that I am protected while searching the internet. I think it's a good idea to save your own...
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    Hello Help PLease!!!

    I think it can be good to upload the newest version of Ccleaner again CCleaner Download - Free Latest Version for Windows and see what is happening with your system. There can be a lot of problems and you must find the reason.
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello everyone, How are you? Hope we can find something relevant and will ahve a lot of topics to discuss together.
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    Freezes After Startup. Clean boot does not work. Safe mode Does.

    I've had the same problem and Clean boot was working. I used mscofig as often anf followed all steps described here What is a Clean Boot in Windows 10/8/7 and How to Perform it . Maybe we speak about differnet things but I solved such a problem as yours. We can discuss more.