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    no you don't need to but you can if you want right click the C drive select disk clean-up and the extra clean up system files option tick previous windows p.s, the folder itself will be removed by the clean up... that is one way you know that you did not make a mistake
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    Directplay restart

    you can not install the Dplay software onto Windows 10 from outside the Programs panel... see this thread as it has the screenshots but I'll go into it in detail if you still need help Turn on direct play to use older games... windows 8, 8.1.1 and 10 + this thread tells you how to turn on the...
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    VIDEO Theory of Life - Spiritual Awakening - Spirit Science of Quantum Physics Consciousness & Reality

    he has said that so many times that it is in his memory... the way an actor learns his lines. its bullshit but he tells it well and people will tend to assume someone like that knows what he is saying
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    Windows 10 When is process ID created?

    when its created it may stay in memory for a long time waiting to run or until ended
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    Introduce Yourself.

    welcome aboard mizzchic... like the image
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    Introduce Yourself.

    i Adam5, you still have two years before the lights go out on W7 so enjoy it mate
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi Wickedmindz, welcome to the forum... I hope so too!
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    Windows 10 If you do ALL of your email work at the server, how do you back it up?

    if you use an US based email server system like hotmail then the server keeps a copy of every email... even if you tell it not too or ask for them to be deleted if you run a custom server i.e, you own it then the server can be set to store emails but attachment files are treated different to...
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    End of Days for Muse and so long to BC

    its a sad day for people using Adobe web design with both Adobe Muse + Adobe BC (hosting) getting the bin last day of Muse = today... it will be pulled from the installer after 1 year so download the files before then if you want to keep a local copy BC cut the lights date = June 18, 2019 ...
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    Share your Windows 10 desktop

    hay Sonny whats the point of the maze... is it to keep the bible bashers from knocking on the front door every Sunday?
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    bsod problem windows 8

    I allowed this post because I think you mean well but imo downloading a svchost.exe is very risky and I don't recommend it
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    I agree with @pnamajck the white background is added when you convert the image from a true Png to a jpg
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    Introduce Yourself.

    g'day Fridgitator, thanks for joining but feel free to lurk as well
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    That Sneaky Auto Update

    a few patchs back Microsoft added a default scheduled update... this will reenable the update service if you had it disabled and the work around is to simply delete the scheduled event of course Microsoft will come up with some bull shit new reason to enable auto updates again but the point is...
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