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    VIDEO Can Government Regulate Bitcoin?

    yes its legal [for now] and its dangerous... the government can take over but that opens a very big can of worms because being the only government trying regulate fake money will simply mean people vote with their feet at the end of the day bitcoins only have value if people are willing to pay...
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    VIDEO We have some thoughts about folding laptops...

    translation its total crap and I'm sure people will line up to pay for it
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    VIDEO NASA Has Discovered 300 Million Inhabitable Planets with Liquid Water Within the Milky Way!

    what they actually found is something they think could be water
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    NEWS Former Maine cops get jail time for killing porcupines

    it feels wrong to 'like' this whoosh
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    VIDEO How Does a Quantum Computer Work?

    a quantum computer makes a guess... that is both its great strength and weakness ok yes its fast but the fundamental problem is the answers it comes up with are total bullshit most of the time
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    VIDEO This AI was too dangerous to be released, here's why

    AI helpdesk are already being used... I know of 5 but the idea that you can't tell is a bit far fetched
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    VIDEO Windows 11 has CRAZY CPU Requirements

    Microsoft says bend over bitch... your only allowed option is to say yes sir
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    Sad and sexist "Plans by Ukraine's defence ministry to have female soldiers march in high heels instead of army boots"

    so what? its not like they have to ware swimsuits like the Olympic teams
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    it will try to install to c drive by default... making the old Windows folder to store the old copy and will not touch your D drive unless you actually tell it to install to that instead however, if you have both an old spinning rust drive and a ssd it will default to the older drive [ignores...
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    VIDEO Windows 11: Outrage!

    translation = so what
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    VIDEO What Happens If You NEVER Update Windows?

    this is bull shit... Windows 10 runs just fine with out updates as 5 of my laptops prove the most common issue Windows 10 users run into are caused by Microsoft updates... yes most users are morons when it comes to Windows and those people should just allow updates but that is not the same as...
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    VIDEO Installing Windows 11 on "Unsupported" Hardware!

    no its not a good idea and its not really Windows 11 you end up with but a hybrid that [by design] shouldn't be installed on your systems hardware
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    VIDEO Four Massive Ships Appear In The Middle Of The Desert | What On Earth?

    I think there should be more parts to this one whoosh
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    MUSIC Playlist Verão Sem Pausa! The Best Songs - Summer Playlist - Overstyle

    sounds like music students fucking a good song to me but Leonard Cohen is dead so hallelujah... he doesn't have to listen to it