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    COMEDY Agro Adults Only

    had such a crush on the girl ;)
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    COMEDY Agro being rude to Ann-Maree (went to air, not outtakes)

    i watched that show so much as a kid
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    Clear all history AND all events in reliability Monitor

    you have to right click up the top then there should be a option in the bottom right to clear events too you need to open them in the viewer and clear each log so repeat 5 times
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    VIDEO Leonard Cohen - By The Rivers Dark (HQ)

    a dog makes every vid better ;)
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    NEWS Stowaways travel the Atlantic perched on an oil tanker’s rudder

    my back is sure just thinking about it
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    ART Cottage minus swans

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    ART Walking The Dog

    well thats clearly not Australia but i like colours... is this modeled from a photo?
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    ART AI Art - Biggest advance, or the greatest theft that artists will ever see??

    its stealing but its not against the law... mostly because laws are made assuming humans and so when a machine desides to drive down a street killing people or take things posted on the internet its a mistake not a crime
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    Windows10 ISO validation and installation

    yes its normal but I don't know if any list of checks has been pubbed the only way to force it would be a hard copy stored on a special harddrive that you get from Microsoft and that is what happens when Microsoft gives you a licence to make refurbished systems
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    Battery Icon with X mark, taskbar greyed out

    the solution is remove the "update" and wait for Microsoft and Dell to sort their drivers out
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    Indicators of a Phishing/Social Engineering Email #2 - Fake PayPal

    it flags the email on your account... i beleave Microsoft then blocks that address to your account yes but they don't do anything else about it i.e, it doesn't then get blocked for someone else on a Microsoft email its possible a high count of flags against a email will then take some other...
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    Indicators of a Phishing/Social Engineering Email #2 - Fake PayPal

    back in the day the same people used to sell snakeoil potions... its a sign of the times i guess ;)
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    Upgrade Windows 7 on SSD NVMe to Windows 10 on SSD NVMe

    if you have Windows 7 currently running then the store is avalable a driver always works even if you don't have the OS installed yet... it can be stored in the motherboard or on the USB you are installing your image from, {by default W8 and above will check for one] the issue where you run into...
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    Windows 10 Home - can't update the OS

    so now its downloading Windows 11 in the background or still says to fix something first?
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    Indicators of a Phishing/Social Engineering Email #2 - Fake PayPal

    the main one doing the rounds in Australia is a fake toll payment one telling people they owe $2-12 dollars for a toll cam and asking them to click the link and put their bank payment details in the reason it works so well is Australias total lack of understanding with internet security at even...