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    1 DVD, more computers

    Hello! My question is: can I use one installation dvd of Win10 pro to install more computers and later use licences to activate? It is an OEM version. In other words, OEM conditions are bound to the licence or the software on the disk? Thanks.
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    UpdateOrchester messed up, TS is dead, Windows is dying

    There are no restore point (of course), but I have only the latest build and it cannot be updated to it, because a special software cannot work with build over 1607. Maybe deleting these tasks in registry? Functions load after a lot of time, but system is very problematic. Maybe starting...
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    Get Windows 10 PRO 1607 build

    Hi! I need 1607 build of win 10 pro because I have a special software that does not work with newer versions. Torrents and pirating is not an option as it will operate in a corporate environment, so it has to be a clean copy. Microsoft offers the latest. Do you have any idea how to get the...
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    UpdateOrchester messed up, TS is dead, Windows is dying

    Hello! i have a big problem waiting for quick solution, but spendig hours over it did not produce any solution. I needed to disable Windows Update, so I opened Task Scheduler and deleted the triggers of all tasks in UpdateOrchester directory under Windows. It would be enough to disable update...