Windows 10 UpdateOrchester messed up, TS is dead, Windows is dying


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i have a big problem waiting for quick solution, but spendig hours over it did not produce any solution. I needed to disable Windows Update, so I opened Task Scheduler and deleted the triggers of all tasks in UpdateOrchester directory under Windows. It would be enough to disable update tasks, but i deleted the triggers of everything in the folder. Now TS is not running, produces error 1067 when started manually. There are problems with reaching desktop and keyboard settings are also messed up. I tried to repair it with installation media, but it was not able to repair any problem. Do you have any idea to restore registry settings? Login is extreme slow, there may be things not loaded due to my deletes.

Thank you.
System restore points contain backups of system registry settings. You can try that, but it's more likely you deleted something you shouldn't have that won't have any kind of roll back. A re-install is probably going to be required although you can choose the "Keep programs and data" option.
There are no restore point (of course), but I have only the latest build and it cannot be updated to it, because a special software cannot work with build over 1607. Maybe deleting these tasks in registry? Functions load after a lot of time, but system is very problematic. Maybe starting services manually?

I'm sorry I don't know what your problem is but to save problems like this in the future make a System Image file of your computer when you get it going again.

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