task scheduler

  1. S

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Random Signouts? (Task Scheduler)

    Hi everyone long time windows user here. I’ve recently got into the obsession of automating everything on my computer to do things for me delete temporary files, clean the recycle bin etc. And I think my obsession with this has backed me into an abnormal corner. Basically what happened is I...
  2. Cardinal System

    Windows 10 schtasks The task XML is malformed.

    Hello, I am trying to import a scheduled task from from the command line to the task scheduler. Before my program runs the schtasks command, it inserts a file path in the <Command></Command> element. The XML file works with schtasks before I insert my file path, but not afterwords. It keeps...
  3. AgejevDominik

    Windows 10 Advanced program start-up and killing | On charge/plug-in

    Hi, First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this kind of question. If you know where I can post this please let me know. Onto the question. I'd like to start a program (Rainmeter) when I plug in my laptop to charge, I would also like to kill it when I plug it out, i.e...
  4. W

    Windows 10 UpdateOrchester messed up, TS is dead, Windows is dying

    Hello! i have a big problem waiting for quick solution, but spendig hours over it did not produce any solution. I needed to disable Windows Update, so I opened Task Scheduler and deleted the triggers of all tasks in UpdateOrchester directory under Windows. It would be enough to disable update...
  5. T

    Windows 10 scheduled tasks

    Hey, so i recently started using the task scheduler to have my pc shutdown a few hours after i leave it, but its becoming a bit cumbersome to manually delete the tasks everytime they stack up, as well as making new ones everytime. So im asking for advice, is there a way to make an ongoing task...
  6. J

    Windows 10 How to run concurrent batch jobs in task scheduler

    hi, This should be an easy answer. I want to create one scheduled task, it will be called "CLEAR_PHOTOSBYDATE", see attached pic or (approximate example, not literal job...yet) In this task I will have several batch jobs. I know how to set it up to run them consecutively, 1st one runs, the 2nd...
  7. N

    Windows 10 Background Processes

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could explain something weird I found today. I went to my recycle bin and found some files in there that while I have no idea what they are for, I have a feeling they are not supposed to be there. I'm using windows 10 64 bit btw. These are the files in there...
  8. Y

    Windows 7 Help with The Task Scheduler

    Hi ! (Sorry if my english isn't good, but i try, because i don't found a french forum for what i'm looking for) So, i want to use The Task Scheduler to launch a playlist in Winamp (audio player) automatically when i want. So i just put my config to launch a playlist located in ...
  9. Windows Media Player Alarm Clock using Task Scheduler

    Windows Media Player Alarm Clock using Task Scheduler

    You can create an alarm clock with Windows Media Player in scheduled tasks. Here is the video tutorial and the corresponding thread: http://windows7forums.com/tweaks-guides-howtos/18402-windows-media-player-alarm-clock-using-task-scheduler.html