Windows 7 keyboard had messed up keys!

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    Hello all!

    I did some surveys a few days ago on some websites and they did seem suspicious, but they were from an official game company to get credits towards their games. I hoped they were not viruses.

    Anyways, this morning, I turn on my computer, and my password does not work (This was after I hit F10 + Escape to turn the keyboard backlight off). I tried my secondary account and it did work. The password that didn't work was the account I tried the surveys on... so my thought of a virus increased.

    Then, I started typing into notepad on that second account, and I learned that my keymapping was messed up! Ms were 0s, Ts were As, I'd say only about 70% of the keys worked the way they should.

    I fixed this problem by unplugging the keyboard and replugging it. If it was a virus then it would continue to mess up my keyboard like that probably?

    I will reset my PC and try the same method to see if this is still the case. Thank you.

    EDIT1: I tried to recreate the error but it doesn't work (in a good way: the error does not work, the keyboard does :D)

    EDIT2: The make/model of the keyboard is BTC 6300CL
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