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Genuine Windows Password Remover 2014-01-01

I like to indicate this is not SPAM. I use this file myself on a daily basis.

We got a lot of people who forget their windows passwords but don't want to re-install windows and lose their personal files.

I cannot tell you much about this program as i have had it for a good few years i cannot even remember where i got it from.

This is an .iso file you will need to put this on a boot-able media device (CD, Flash Drive etc.)

Change your bios setting to boot from one of these devices first. This is an MSDOS based program.

You choose which option you want and take it from there. just follow the instructions.

Once its completed you can re-start your PC and the password is gone.


This software does offer other things as well. I would not recommend changing anything you are not sure about as this will directly effect your system.
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