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  1. NerferMC

    Windows 8 Activation error 0x8007000D

    I have just recently fixed on my own the error code"0x8007007B" by allowing it on Windows Firewall, now I got another problem, which was called 0x8007000D "Error code: 0x8007007D Error description: The data is invalid" I don't have Idea how to fix this problem. I searched the whole internet...
  2. MicheleP

    Windows 10 Can't install upgrades since KB3185614

    Hello, I'm trying to install KB3185614 as a standalone package because with Windows Update I Always get error for all the KB (except Defender definition). I searched a lot on the network, I launched DISM and SFC with no errors It always stucks on about 19% and then rollbacks. The only track I...