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  1. G

    Cmdlet to uninstall .....

    Bare with me. I'm a college student taking a "Implementing Microsoft-based Network Directory Services" class and I'm needing someone to double check a cmdlet for me. My lab I'm currently working on I'm suppose to uninstall the Print & Document Service, Application Server. Features: Group Policy...
  2. L

    Windows Server Wyse Terminals

    We have a company that only works from multiple RDS, they connect through their wyse terminal using RDP. However, when they play a video on their wyse terminal the video will glitch and frames will display on the terminals later than the server. Has anyone come across this problem and a way to...
  3. K

    Server 2012R2 Basic Theme color issue

    I have one Server 2012R2 VM that serves as a Session Host for RemoteApps on which the Windows Basic Theme colors have become corrupted. On some Windows text is being display as Yellow on a White background making it almost impossible to read. This is applied to Console and RemoteApp sessions...