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Bare with me. I'm a college student taking a "Implementing Microsoft-based Network Directory Services" class and I'm needing someone to double check a cmdlet for me. My lab I'm currently working on I'm suppose to uninstall the Print & Document Service, Application Server. Features: Group Policy Management, Internet Printing Client, and Windows Server Backup. After this I'll be returning to a full GUI interface from core. Is the correct cmdlet? Also if I just remove Print & Document Service and Application server will the features be removed at the same time ? Thanks for the help !

Remove-WindowsFeature Application-Server,printdocument-service


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Which server version?


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If you're talking about Server 2012 you can use Get-WindowsFeature "*" to see all available and installed features and then use the Remove-WindowsFeature <featurename> as shown in the output of the Get command. Here is some example output and you can do partial names to find something more specific. I did one for anything with Print in the name.

Ooops sorry I apologize. Server 2012R2 Datacenter.

Awesome thank you ! Glad I was on the right track. Thanks again.

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