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  1. S

    How to add many any programs to the list of installed programs

    I've made a PowerShell command which takes all the shortcuts in the folder you direct it to, and it makes registry keys for them so that they show up as installed apps. They get an appropriate icon and name. You can uninstall it to, HOWEVER uninstalling it simply removes the registry key so...
  2. B

    PS Script to sync with local WSUS

    Hello, We are trying to build a powershell script which will be executed on any client which should be able to search/install windows updates from a wsus server which resides in our network but it is not the default option in the clients configuration. The severs are configured with let's say...
  3. Sanath Kumar

    Windows 10 Remove-PhysicalDisk for disk which is marked retired fails

    Below error is seen sometimes when I try to remove a disk from storagepool. Remove-PhysicalDisk : One or more physical disks could not be removed because they are still in use. Extended information: The storage pool could not relocate data from one or more physical disks. Physical Disks...
  4. S

    Windows 10 How to delete a subnet from bigger subnet route delete PowerShell Windows?

    Hi, This is route print output: IPv4 Route Table =========================================================================== Active Routes: Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 55...
  5. J

    Windows 10 Convert DateTime is failing with following in Power Shell using SQLSERVER

    It tried to convert following time in Power Shell Script '2022-01-02T11:43:23.100Z' using Convert Function, and Cast. The tried same in SSMS and passed. Both SSMS and Power shell were connect to same instance of SQL Server 14.0.1000. Error message indicates in Power shell it is failing in...
  6. mindmischief

    powershell Scheduled Task throws SeTcbPrivilege security message

    I have a Scheduled Task that runs a powershell script. The script copies a file from a remote server to the local server and then deletes the local file if the date-modified is older than 30 mins. The task is using an Active Directory resource account. This resource account is not in any local...
  7. nikolaymartin

    Windows 7 PowerShell Version

    I have Windows 7 machine and i want to run different powershell scripts and commands but they can run specşfşc powerShell versions. How can i find current PowerShell version?
  8. E

    Windows 10 [SOLVED] Windows 10: schtasks job start, but does not work

    Hi, I'm new of this thread and I do not know if this is the right section of the forum. I'm under windows 10 1803 64 bit. I have two scripts (.cmd and .ps1) which execute the same operation. The scripts work well if I run them from cmd or powershell while they do not work if I use schtasks. In...
  9. G

    Cmdlet to uninstall .....

    Bare with me. I'm a college student taking a "Implementing Microsoft-based Network Directory Services" class and I'm needing someone to double check a cmdlet for me. My lab I'm currently working on I'm suppose to uninstall the Print & Document Service, Application Server. Features: Group Policy...
  10. Debora

    Windows 10 Start menu, menu bar, full screen & other problems

    Hi everyone since I upgraded to W10 I'm having some problems. -The start menu doesn't work anymore -The search tab neither -Right click on the icons on the menu bar neither -When I'm watching a video and I freeze the pc, I can't use the full screen anymore. I have to restart the pc. I...
  11. D

    Windows 7 multiple Windows Deployment

    Hi, I have the following problem. I want to deploy create a bootable Win 7 I want to deploy multiple Win7 PC´s. Until now I am using Acronis to Restore the different Win7 Systems. But I want to create a bootable medium with 4 different Win7 backups. During the boot process you have to choose...