1. G

    Locked out of windows 10 with microsoft account

    Every time I try to log in to my computer, I am given the error 'We can't sign in to your account' and am sent to a temporary profile which obviously means I cannot access my files or create new ones. The computer recently asked me to enter new account details on my profile so I added my work...
  2. Y

    How do I download file's on my user account only?

    Hey guy's, I've got a game pc with windows 10 (just got him) and i want to download plenty of games but i don't want to bother my parents with all the stuff i download. and if i do that i think they will set me to an standard use and i don't want that!! so does any body know how i can download...
  3. Rudy Toma

    Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator?

    Hi, i recently was trying to downgrade to windows 7 and it told me I had to remove any user I had on the computer so I did, then it told I had to also remove the administratior account on the computer which I did using command prompt. I then reseted my computer and it wont let me log in or do...
  4. P

    Cant login with Microsoft account and reach appstore and other servcices

    After update to Win 10 I cant add Microsoft Account. I go to settings, accounts, click on link (log in with Microsoft account) and NOTHING happens, no window opens, no messages, just nothing. Can someone please help me. Would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.