Windows 10 Locked out of windows 10 with microsoft account


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Every time I try to log in to my computer, I am given the error 'We can't sign in to your account' and am sent to a temporary profile which obviously means I cannot access my files or create new ones.
The computer recently asked me to enter new account details on my profile so I added my work email which is NOT a microsoft account.
I think the problem is that as I try to sign in to the computer, microsoft is searching for a microsoft email and not finding one so is saying that it just can't sign in.
I have managed to find and copy all of my files from my account by creating another admin user and retrieving them this way (which I don't think should be possible as it seems very unsafe but whatever) but I would rather not just create a new user and delete the older user as all my programmes, emails, settings etc are still in the old account.
I have tried editing the registry, adding new profiles, and changing various settings but essentially what I need to do is change the email address associated with that user without being logged in to that user - is this possible??? I'm going insane with this and just keep going in circles!!
Ok so apparently the email address IS registered with microsoft (I was unaware the guy who's email it is had done that) so now...?
Try to contact customer support. There should be forget password? Recover username.
2nd thing you can do is boot in safe mode. You can reset login options. And if you have luck system restore or complete PC recover.
3rd start reinstall then recovery system.

If none above then you are deep fried. Sorry.
If you're getting a temp profile this is often an indication that your A/V is locking up your NTUSER.DAT file. Also when logged in with a temp profile your account did successfully authenticate. A "Microsoft Account" can be any email that is registered with Microsoft and yes it will allow you to use a a work account, but as you found out if it's not registered it won't work. There is an "add a work account" option too but this assumes you have federated services or azure connect available to connect to which would require it to be configured through your company.