1. Mike

    Microsoft PowerToys 0.66.0

    Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download and use Microsoft PowerToys: Go to the Microsoft PowerToys website (GitHub - microsoft/PowerToys: Windows system...
  2. Z

    Windows 10 WMI API to know whether the drive is READ/WRITE Protected.

    We've encrypted a drive using bit locker drive encryption. After unlocking the drive, Is there any WMI API's available to get the status of drive? Like, whether it is write protected or not.
  3. Alexhasbeenstoppedworking

    Windows 11 Can i run windows 11 via Cloud PC

    guys i wanted to try windows 11 on a cloud pc (windows 365) is theres a way to install windows 10 to windows 11 on windows 365 cloud pc my pc doesnt have the minuimum requirements heres the specs for my pc: 3gb ram ddr3 320 gb toshiba hdd tpm 1.2 legacy bios no gpu (thats bad) intel core i3 m370...
  4. Q

    Windows 10 Remove write protection from unlocked Bitlocker drive

    I work at a computer repair shop and I finally came across something I cannot get around. A customer brought in a Microsoft Surface Book that has BitLocker protection on it. Windows is corrupt and I am using a windows 10 disk to repair it. I have his BitLocker recovery key so I can unlock the...
  5. uxbal

    Does Microsoft Even Care About Us, Consumers anymore?

    Hi, Here goes. I was a looong time user of all things MS. I don't play games, so I was limited to Windows computer, Windows phone (which I love and can't get over the fact that it was axed), mail and Office. Now, the circumstances have changed, and I really don't need an Office...
  6. WF33

    Is This Real?

    I was just seeing a video about all the windows that exist, and I saw this. Is This Real?
  7. G

    Windows 10 Locked out of windows 10 with microsoft account

    Every time I try to log in to my computer, I am given the error 'We can't sign in to your account' and am sent to a temporary profile which obviously means I cannot access my files or create new ones. The computer recently asked me to enter new account details on my profile so I added my work...
  8. Neemobeer

    Windows Defender Vulnerability

    Pretty dangerous vulnerability found in Windows Defender, so if that's all you're using make sure you patch it. CVE-2017-0290 Microsoft Security Advisory 4022344 Tech Article Massive vulnerability in Windows Defender leaves most Windows PCs vulnerable
  9. E

    Windows 10 I CANNOT change the language on my Surface Pro 2 from Spanish to English.

    I got the surface from someone in Spain and it's stock setting is Spanish. I didn't have issues changing the language to english when I got it. I believe there have been times before where after an update everything was reset to stock language-wise. I didn't have issues changing the language...
  10. D

    Windows 10 Windows 10 startup Sign in error

    i recently updated to a windows 10 pc i was windows 7 before and when i was on windows 7 my windows kept crashing so to try and fix this problem i updated my pc to windows 10 with the free windows 10 updater it worked after a few downloads and install but i was playing on of my steam games...
  11. P

    20-year-old Windows 'print-driver' bug

    seems important enough to post here in our community … and this is in regard to installing "innocuous" print-drivers (on the fly) that can allow infestation of malware … seems microsoft has contained a rather substantial hole in their fabric. happened to come...
  12. N

    Windows 10 Background Processes

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could explain something weird I found today. I went to my recycle bin and found some files in there that while I have no idea what they are for, I have a feeling they are not supposed to be there. I'm using windows 10 64 bit btw. These are the files in there...
  13. A

    Windows 7 Reverting Back to Windows 7 from Windows 10

    If you've upgraded to Windows 10 and would like to revert back to Windows 7, what would be the steps required to accomplish this? Avery Eisenreich
  14. B

    Windows screen goes on and off during startup

    i am running a windows 7 os on my toshiba laptop and just yesterday i turned it of and back on and while it was booting the screen kept going on and off..... i think it is a program i installed recently but i turned out all my the last time i installed a program was like ages ago so i need help...
  15. ussnorway

    Network updated to 4.6

    Microsoft has upgraded the network again, get it here Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (Web Installer) for Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 SP2 Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 from Official Microsoft...
  16. Chakor Channing

    Windows 7 New Image File Loading Preview(?)

    Just today I noticed that the preview for images in my libraries (png, jpg, gif, etc files) is different from what it was before. When images were taking a while to load, the preview would be a framed image of mountain and sun or something like that, but now this is what I see: I thought that...
  17. ffinder

    Windows 7 All Windows 7 Microsoft spyware security updates

    Dear All, I have compiled a list of all Windows 7 Microsoft spyware security updates to help those like me that don't like Microsoft spying on them: KB2505438 KB2670838 KB2922324 KB2952664 KB2976978 KB2977759 KB2990214 KB3014460 KB3015249 KB3021917 KB3022345 KB3035583 KB3044374 KB3050265...
  18. G

    Windows 8 Why all this spying?

    Why do people use windows, if they get spied on by the governmentnry Windows is just Malware used to spy on people, it has a backdoor by the NSA, FBI, and the government. I'm also not saying OS X is better, or any products made by Apple, or Microsoft is any better. Counter Arguments I know I...
  19. Microsoft Office 2013 Introduction and Review

    Microsoft Office 2013 Introduction and Review

    Windows 8 Forums takes a detailed look at the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus suite and what its subtle advantages are in comparison to Office 2010 and Office 2007. A presentation of Office 365 will be brought online as a supplemental video.
  20. Microsoft's August 2010 Security Bulletin Overview

    Microsoft's August 2010 Security Bulletin Overview

    For August 2010 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released a total of 34 security vulnerability fixes, a patch to the Windows kernel, and 14 updates to release issues with Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework (Silverlight), MSXML. It is one of the largest Windows Updates assembled in one...