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    Windows 10 User Account Missing?

    Hello, I am on Windows 10, and I performed a Windows Update, and then after the computer restarted, my user account was empty, all my personal files are gone, nothing in the documents, desktop, downloads. It appears my user account is now missing. I performed a system restore, but it only...
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    Windows 10 User account missing from login screen

    I cant log in to my main user profile. Previously I had an issue where I was getting notifications saying to set up Windows Hello, although I already had a pin, and when I tried to create a pin, it would ask for my pin to verify identity then the window would just close. This was the same if...
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    Windows 10 PC user name is not in the users accounts in control panel

    I have a PC, that has a User name (names changed for security) ...User name ABCD. Groing to the Dir C:\Users I can plainly see a directory ABDCZ (again fake username for security) Other dir under d:\users are the usual that include ABDCZ and the below: All users Default Default user degault...
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