active directory

  1. C

    Printer not working for normal users

    Hi, i have a problem with printer / printserver I have added a printer in my printserver, but when i try to print anyting from a domain user, nothing is coming out. But when i log on with admin, then the printer works. On sicurity on the pritenr it says that everyone can use it. And when i try...
  2. S

    Black screen on roaming profiles

    Hello, I have a serious problem! Users cannot log in to their accounts. These are raoming profiles. A few days ago I changed the allocation quota limit per user from 950000 kb to 2 GB. And it seems to me that after this operation (or just a coincidence), the next day users cannot log in...
  3. F

    gpupdate fail - error "access denied" sporadically - event 1058 and 1096

    Hello there, I'm asking some help about a problem that we are facing since ages. The problem : PC on domain sometimes can't do a gpupdate /force and get the following error in terminal : Sometimes, its the gpt.ini that cannot be read, sometimes its the \Machine\registry.pol file. Always the...
  4. abeNdorg

    One DC is pulling FSMO from an AD server that doesn't exist, other DC sees FSMO fine

    I have 2 DC, one onpremDC, one hostedDC. There was some previous work where an RDS server was made a DC and FSMO moved to it, then the hostedDC was made the DC & FSMO moved to it, then AD removed from the RDS server. However, the onpremDC still sees the RDSserver as holding all the FSMO (even...
  5. S

    Restrict local admin rights

    Hi, Wonder if this is possible. Currently GPO is used to push out policy to allow an AD group local admin rights on PC's. The requirement is to further restrict access by using GPO (and possibly restricted groups) so that only the owner of the laptop has local admins to their PC. This needs to...
  6. Nalazzabi

    Read Only Domain Controller , How to prevent add and modify users & GPO

    Dear at Microsoft Answers ,,, I have created RODC in my office connected to my PDC , the installation steps i took from Microsoft docs and Alternetive Websites ... The issue is that the RODC can Add/Modify/Delete Users & Groups , how to prevent that ? i want the RODS be able to read only . HINT...
  7. A

    Domain authentication logging/security audit

    Would it be possible to put any type of log / audit in place to see who is using the Active Directory? I'd just like to run it for a week before we shut down the Active Directory. Please explain how to setup the audit?
  8. A

    Windows 10 unable to access syslogon folder on DC from windows 10 worgroup pc

    Hope someone can help me I have Windows 2003 server and domain control at home. Which has been working fine for years? All of my laptops/pc has been able to connect to it in the most part as they are joined to my AD. I however I got a new laptop a month ok which had windows 8.1 home installed...
  9. How to Configure Windows Server 2008 R2

    How to Configure Windows Server 2008 R2

    Download Windows Server: Extensive Configuration. Installing Active Directory and Domain Name Services. Creating and configuring the Active Directory forest. Global Primary Domain Controller Setup...