arm devices

  1. Ling1201

    Windows 10 for ARM : GetNativeSystemInfo returns wrong wProcessorArchitecture

    I need to detect the ProcessorArchitecture in UWP to figure out if it is run in ARM platform to do some function filter. So I tried to use Pinvoke to call GetNativeSystemInfo api (Desktop application) and run it in windows 10 for ARM. It returns wrong wProcessorArchitecture as...
  2. Matthew Do

    Windows 10 Webinar: Introduction to Windows 10 IoT Core

    The release of Windows® 10 marks the first time in history that the Windows operating system will be simultaneously used across the entire range of computing platforms. From mobile phones to PCs and from Xbox™ to small embedded ARM® devices, each of these devices will use Windows® 10 with the...
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