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  1. L

    Windows 11 Laptop battery won't charge 😖

    I have an HP windows 11 laptop that's less than a year old, and the battery will not charge. The external charging light will be white (indicating a full charge) and the battery icon will say 100%, but the second you unplug it, it completely shuts off. The computer works fine otherwise, I just...
  2. Aeubamen

    Windows 10 Killed my pc

    How to fix or disable this cpu killer
  3. G

    Windows 10 Battery Icon won't show up and I can't fix it

    I have a problem where my battery icon won't show up in the taskbar, and I went to customize the taskbar, then went to turn system icons on and off, but the battery option was gray, and I could not alter it. Please Help!
  4. M

    Windows 10 Battery Life goes down after installing windows 10

    Hi I am curently using windows 10, before that i have windows 8 and my battery goes to almost 2 hours, i don't know why? it should be more that that. but when i upgrade to windows 10 now it goes to maximum 40 min :( on battery saver.. Is there any problem with my battery? is there any way to...
  5. Mike

    Windows 10 Microsoft prepares zero day patch to fix Windows 10 battery life

    Microsoft is apparently working closely with Intel to fix a 10% loss in battery life found with their Windows 10 operating system compared to Windows 8.1. The zero-day patch would affect millions of computers and will likely be available on July 29th. Source: Microsoft and Intel working on...
  6. HOWTO: Remove and Replace Nexus 7 Battery

    HOWTO: Remove and Replace Nexus 7 Battery

    Is the Nexus 7 so internally complex that you can't change the battery? Perhaps not. Check out this video, as we rip a broken one right open. For the record, although our sites emphasize Windows products, Android products are great as well. Too bad this one took a turn for the worse. We had to...