1. ussnorway

    GWENT - the witcher card game (closed beta)

    First impressions Once I got the key and managed to find it in my gog library the game installed without issue. Bugs, listed from mild to game breaking, The animations in the store and other interface locations are (to my mind) amusing once but with no way to skip them that changes fast. The...
  2. ussnorway

    Dreamweaver beta 2

    the beta 2 is now open to Adobe id users... i'm using a stock Asus tp500l with the new windows 10 build note screen rez is 1224X 768 to keep expressions-SC low
  3. Windows 8 Leak 7955.0.x86fre.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930

    Windows 8 Leak 7955.0.x86fre.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930

    Testing, evaluating, and researching the Windows 8 pre-release: What to avoid. 7955.0.x86fre.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930 is fake. File size: 2.47 GB (2,657,079,296 bytes) MD5: 40861a02cb14b0d2d7930910db6cc6e4
  4. Google Music Beta First Look Review

    Google Music Beta First Look Review

    After an extensive review, Google Music Beta appears to to be on the forefront of the cloud computing revolution of digital online music. If this preview is any indication, Apple may find itself, quite literally, in a run for its money. Full blog for the full review...
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