GWENT - the witcher card game (closed beta)


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May 22, 2012
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First impressions

Once I got the key and managed to find it in my gog library the game installed without issue.

Bugs, listed from mild to game breaking,
The animations in the store and other interface locations are (to my mind) amusing once but with no way to skip them that changes fast.

The tutorial instructions are wrong for playing on a computer with single click interface, eg, to play a card we are told to press the "icon" symbol and it looks like a right click to my eyes where my younger daughter sees it as a left click... Not that it matters because the only thing that worked in the end is clicking once to select it then double clicking to play it.

  • There are many places in the ui where you can single click and drag to see other options but its up to you to find these places because there is no instructions to tell you how.

  • If you select the play against friends option you get an interface popup to select your pals to invite but if they are all off line then you are stuck because there is no way to opt out of this screen and I had to shut the game down to clear it.

Not counting tutorials I played 10 games against actual people, one gog matched that took 8 seconds to find my opponent and the others were ip-ip ... I found the game fast pasted and entertaining to play

Say something nice, I found the option to say "nice game" to the gog matched person that killed me (without much effort) a very nice touch so well done!

system; a stock Asus tp500ln running w8.1 with single click interface and using my home wifi (2.4 Australia) played the game without stress or any network issues

P.s, I don't agree to the red forum terms so can't post any of the bugs I found on their forum and the gog bug support ui insists on me posting a direct x file to report bugs with them because they incorrectly assume that is relevant to a ui post so they clearly don't want people to tell them what we think of their game?
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Excellent post Graham! I didn't even know there was a beta although I notice it's closed?
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