1. WareNetwork2000

    Windows 11 Computer getting bluescreens every day since I upgraded to Windows 11.

    Hey. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 11, my computer has been getting multiple bluescreens every day and so far, I've found absolutely no way to fix this. Most of them are caused by "ntoskrnl.exe" and even after running the minidumps through a debugger, some of them don't tell me the process...
  2. MatsT

    Windows 10 Frequent IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bluescreens

    Hello, recently I've been having issues with frequent bluescreens. I recently upgraded to windows 10 but the issues started before that (I upgraded hoping it would sort itself out). Originally the issue seemed to occur completely at random, but I have now managed to reproduce it reliably. I...
  3. S

    Windows 10 Black screen of death

    Hello and thank you all for any help or ideas. In general, my computer is 'scanning and repairing' drives on startup, then booting into a black screen with cursor. I don't have a pc easily available to install usb boot programs but have tried a couple thus far. Refreshing or restoring are not...
  4. SnowManBawb

    Windows 10 Blue screen after every full night shutdown.

    Hello. So, I've had this problem with my pc for a while now and I just have no idea what the problem might be anymore. Ive tried posting on different sites but no one answered. Here is the problem every time my pc has been shut down for longer then an hour, the next boot up will end up in...
  5. C

    Windows 10 Blue screen of death help

    Hi, My computer is a Lenovo u530 touch and I got this message that said no hard disk detected and I was playing with the settings and I booted legacy mode I believe. Now I have a black screen that says no bootable device found insert boot disc. My computer doesn't even have a disc drive! WhAt do...
  6. S

    Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception

    Hi, I just got the bluescreen with the 'Unexpected Store Exception' error. After my laptop restarted it couldn't find hard disk. The problem was the battery was drained so I just plugged it to charge and then it switched on normally. Another problem is that Windows Update has a problem...
  7. E

    Windows 7 blue screen actin weird....??

    Hello I am having so much trouble currently.... So th one that is acting weird is the blue screen.. and I am not sure if this is a virus or not. So... 1, my friend got her mail hacked. 2, she sends me weird files and I open them accidentally 3, so they download 4, I go to the control panel and...