blue screen

  1. C

    Windows 7 First BSOD on Custom PC. Stumped, Help Please.

    Hi forums, Today, I had my very first BSOD encounter with my custom rig that I built back around mid September last year. According to the dump file, it was a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error and it was tied to ntoskrnl.exe. I ran memtest and it found no errors through 2 passes. I used the...
  2. K

    Windows 7 Raedon ATI display driver?

    Hi, Keep getting the message 'Raedon ATI display driver stopped'. The graphics go black, come back for a second, then blue screen. Usually the computer will then restart with the message that it has 'recovered'. Do I need a new graphics card please? Thanks
  3. christophe195

    Windows 7 Many blue screens like PFN_List_corrupt and Bad_pool_header

    Hello, i have installed 2 years ago windows 7 32bit op a windows vista tower, and it works fine. Now in begin of the schoolyear the computer HDD crasht, we have insert a new harddrive and installed windows 7 64bit. But the windows 7 give's manny times blue screen, somtimes without a code, i...
  4. T

    Windows 10 Install on new build

    Hi all, Today I built a desktop. I have a 64-bit Win10 install disc, but when I try to install it, I get a BSoD: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. Earlier, I had an issue with one of my mem sticks, but now it's working. However, this problem would happen in all 4 possible combos of my two sticks in positions 1...
  5. S

    Windows 7 Blue-screen when playing CS:GO

    Hello. A little over a week ago my computer blue-screened in the middle of a CS:GO game. It now keeps blue-screening after about 20-30 minutes of playing and it's getting really annoying!!! It never happens in any other games, just CS:GO. The blue-screen message says something about display...
  6. J

    Windows 8 Blue Screens, corrupted files and restart loops!

    So for the past year or so i have been having problems with my computer, blue screens, corrupted files etc. A couple of months ago my SSD crashed so i returned it and turned in my motherboard for testing. They said they found errors on the motherboard so i got a new SSD and motherboard and...
  7. S

    Windows 10 Blue Screen Crash

    I just got Windows 10 and quite often while I'm using the internet, my pc crashes and needs to restart. I don't mind the restart but the issue is that whenever it does this, it deletes anything that isn't saved. I've had to do the same work 3 times and I'm still not done because it crashes...