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Windows 7 A lot of blue screens slowed my computer drastically


New Member
Jan 25, 2022
Recently I ran into a BSOD loop which made me restart my computer many many times by hand because sometimes my computer froze instead of showing BSOD, now after I managed to fix it my computer is REALLY REALLY slow, tried so many things

chkdsk /f

sfc /scannow

removed hiberfil.sys (to clear some room on my SSD)

used Ccleaner

used avast anti virus scan (quick)

used avast cleanup premium

Manually changed my virtual memory capabilities

For context my BSOD error was caused after I ran the driver verifier which triggered the 0x0c4 blue screen

Fixed it by removing Riot Vanguard from my computer with a special programs because windows remover couldn't do the job (my pc froze every time)

I will really appreciate any help and feel free to ask questions

apologies as I only just saw your post, do you still have issues?