Newly built computer, lots of blue screens

I was actually just reading a previous thread in this same forum where you recommended the same thing.

I will try this once the chkdsk test is completed.

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Well, chkdsk found no problems with the hard drive. So I uninstalled Daemon Tools and the sys file as recommended. Then I further tested the system with a single stick of RAM. Everything ran fine after hours of playing games. I then tried the same thing with the other stick of RAM, no problems. Then I put them both in the system and I got a blue screen ten minutes into the game.

The computer seems to work fine when either stick is being used, but when both are used at the same time, it blue screens. I'm gonna try this again in a few hours and post any dmp files I can. It was a x000000C4 stop errors by the way. Any idea whats at fault?

Two things to say about that.

1) You can try to slightly bump up the ram voltage in the motherboard bios by .1v to see if it is stable with both ram modules in.

2) If that doesn't help, I would contact the ram manufacturer to show them this thread while asking for RMA of the modules.

Actually, where you may find the best resource for this type of problem is on the ram manufacturer's forum. If you use CPU-Z to find out your exact ram modules in use, tell them of it along with your motherboard model, they will have really great suggestions for bios settings I'm sure.

The manufacturer's forums are a truly excellent resource in this regard. Most have highly knowledgeable users in this regard, many actually working for the company itself.

In any case, please keep us updated on things. Interested in the final outcome and what eventually will fix this.

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Ok I'll try that out tonight.

Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it.


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As TorrentG say's motherboard manufacturers usually have a list of recommended RAM manufacturers so it's worth checking their site.

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