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  1. J

    Windows Update Build

    I work for a SCADA energy solutions company and have a question about windows updates. I previously asked about whether or not one can download windows update offline, which I was reffered to Microsoft's website -Microsoft Update Catalog. The question I have is how do we know what build number...
  2. Parallax Abstraction

    Server 2016 Cannot Install Cumulative Security Updates

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to solve this issue for a while now and it has me ripping my hair out so I hope someone can assist. I have a client with a Windows Server 2016 system on bare metal. It's been fine since 2017 but in the last couple of months, it's been failing to install monthly...
  3. XerxesAshleyyy

    Windows 10 I do not have the new features after updating

    Hello, i am new to the forum, and still trying to get around things in this form. I am on version 1909 and looking at videos showing all the latest changes and added stuff is not available for me. One feature is the adding of events right on the calendar in the task bar, and i don't have that...
  4. M

    Windows 8 Need help with Windows Update looking for updates continually for almost 24 hours. Is this normal?

    The computer is a Compaq15 64-bit, running Windows 8.1. It has 2g memory and a 500gb hard drive with plenty of available space. I'm trying to help a friend with his computer being extremely slow. The language on his computer is Spanish. He doesn't speak much computer and I don't speak much...
  5. T

    Windows 10 Win10 Home Users Can No Longer Block Upgrades

    ABBREVIATIONS WUP = Windows Update W10 = Windows 10 Initial Release (v15xx W10AU = Windows 10 Anniversary Update (v16xx W10CU = Windows 10 Creators Update (v17xx W10A8 = Windows 10 April 2018 Update (v1803 W10O8 = Windows 10 October 2018 Update (v1809 REFERENCES =>Microsoft has given itself...
  6. T

    Windows 10 Windows Update "Facilitator" KB4056254/KB4023057

    Abbreviations W10 = Initial Release Windows 10 (v15xx W10AU = Windows 10 Anniversary Update (v16xx W10CU = Windows 10 Creators Update (v17xx W10A8 = Windows 10 April 2018 Update (v18xx WUP = Windows Update Resources ######## Microsoft is at it again, trying to force-feed us the...
  7. T

    Windows 10 How To REALLY Block Windows 10 Updates and Upgrades

    Here are the abbreviations used in this article: W10 = original release v15xx W10AU = Anniversay Update v16xx W10CU = Creators Update v 17xx W10A8 = April 2018 Update v18xx WUP = Windows Update ############ In May 2018, as I was starting to write this guide, Microsoft released W10A8...
  8. Z

    Windows XP Windows XP SP3 Cannot access windows update

    As of recently, there was a widespread ransomware worm attack on computers worldwide due to an exploit in windows servers (im not going to go in depth) and basically the best protection now is to install the latest update from windows that fixes that exploit to prevent attacks. I have...
  9. T

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Update Fails Error 0x800705b4 -Solution-

    => THE PROBLEM I have Windows 10 on all 3 of my home machines; two are on the original release (v1511) and I was forced to update the third to the Anniv. Update (v1607). Windows Update (WUP) was working on all machines until about a week ago. On the two v1511 machines, "Check for updates" would...
  10. TiernanW

    Windows 10 Windows Update Severely Slowed Down PC

    Hey! A couple of nights ago I let my Windows 10 "Update and Shut Down" but when I booted it up again the next morning it took literally 10-15 mins to get the lock screen. After this it took a further 5 minutes to get to my desktop when I typed in my password. Applications take a minute or so...
  11. Neemobeer

    Windows 7 Speed up Windows 7 'Windows Update'

    After all the recent changes to Windows 7 update mechanisms, many people have run into Update scans take hours or days. This appears to be a legitimate way to dramatically increase the scan time. Speed up guide from How to speed up Windows 7 Update scans—forever
  12. pjwhoopie1

    Windows 7 Windows Update has stopped updating, some have failed.

    My desktop set idle for a year, during my surgery and recovery from my latest back surgery (12th). I started updating a few at a time, most worked. I have 5 that failed. But I can't back them out because now when I launch the update program it just searches - forever. I will attach a picture...
  13. Nishant

    Windows 10 Problem in upgrading Windows 10

    I was not able to upgrade to Windows 10. Every time, the process failed after 60-70℅. So at last I tried to install windows 10 through media tool. I succeeded but now I am not able to activate Windows 10 using my key of Windows 8. Can I go back to Windows 8 and activate it using my key?
  14. K

    Windows 10 Wifi Problems

    Ever since I got forced to update my PC to "the new and improved" windows 10.1, I do not get wifi reception in my bedroom anymore with my laptop. Is there a reason for this? I got reception before... But if I go to my basement, I get full bars, it's like after I updated, Windows said "now you...
  15. U

    Windows 8 changing update settings to important updates only--help?

    My laptop currently has all the default update setting checked so it installs all optional, recommended, and important updates. Is it okay to change the setting to install only important updates? What are the recommended and optional updates I will not be getting? What are the pros and cons of...
  16. J

    Windows 7 MBR error after windows update

    My computer was installing updates and it seemed to have gotten stuck installing the final update, so I shut it down hoping that the update would succeed a second time around. Upon turning the computer back on, I got the error message "MBR error 1 Press any key to boot from floppy” and pressing...
  17. Q

    Windows 7 windows update keeps checking updates

    Hello, I own a HP pavilion dv5 114en. My hdd failed (320GB WD) and I changed it with 500GB Seagate. I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro x64. So I have a fresh install. I installed all my drivers. The problem is that windows cannot update itself. Whenever I try to, it keeps checking indefinitely and no...
  18. H

    Windows 7 Net framework and windows update issues

    So with the release of windows 10 i tried to update my computer to allow me to get the free upgrade (didnt happen) I ended up with an error in windows update of "code 900070643" I have tried everything on the micorsoft support website and even had the support team take remote control of my...
  19. Klanker2

    Windows 7 Can't Update Windows 7 "Low Memory"

    So, without a stable internet connection, I have disabled Automatic Windows Update, and have missed out on a couple of the most recent updates (Nearly every single one since 2013). Recently, I tried to download and install all but the optional updates, but ran into a problem. Other than the fact...
  20. A

    Windows 7 Getting an error codes 800736B3 and 8000FFFF when updating windows 7

    As the title says i am receiving error codes Code 800736B3 and Code 8000FFFF when using windows update to update windows 7. There are 4 updates that I am attempting to install. How can I fix this?