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  1. D

    Windows 8 Control Panel - "no programs associated to perform this action".

    Hi, I have the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 Pro. As far as I'm aware, all the latest updates are installed. For some reason, I cannot open certain shortcuts on the Control Panel (Default Programs, RemoteApp and Desktop Connections, Connect To and Windows Update). An dialogue box titled...
  2. U

    Windows 7 If I don't install the new critical update?

    I will be away from my laptop for a while. It is on but it is plugged in to the charger and it is closed. It is not being used. So I have not installed the new critical update. Since my laptop is not being used, is it bad that I have not installed the update? Or does it not matter since it is...
  3. Mike

    Windows 10 Welcome to Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation

    Hello, this is a new forum that has become publicly available and is designed for use on July 29th, 2015. If you are running into an upgrade problem through Windows Update, presumably running Windows 10 Insider Preview, Windows 8, or Windows 7, please always specify the following information...
  4. Install and Configure Microsoft Update Properly in Windows 7

    Install and Configure Microsoft Update Properly in Windows 7

    Microsoft Update, as opposed to Windows Update, is of critical necessity to most Windows users. Unfortunately, more times than not it, goes left either uninstalled or ignored all together with the assumption that the operating system will just "take care of itself".