Windows 7 BSOD on newly-built computer


Hi there,

I recently built my first pc and have been having problems with it BSODing since. Full details on the problem and things I have tried can be found in this other thread:

Basically I decided to buy a new router, which was needed anyway, and didn't go near the computer for a week or two. Now with the new router it's having the same problems (predictably), and I'd love to get in to using my new build. Sorry for linking to the other thread, but I didn't want to just copy it to here.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could look over the dumps etc and get back to me on how I could resolve this.

Thanks in advance!


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Did I post incorrectly? I see a lot of people have viewed the thread, is there anyone who can look over the logs please? :( I'm completely at a loss as to what else I can do.

Thanks again.