1. DominikHoffmann

    DHCP server on Windows Server or router/internet gateway?

    I am somewhat new to Windows Server. I have a situation, where a Windows Server 2019 is running a DHCP server for the LAN. My preference is to run the DHCP server on the router/internet gateway appliance. Is it okay to simply turn off the DHCP server on the machine running Server, or will it...
  2. raymondliewwk

    Windows 10 Remote Access Files in Router

    Hi. Good day. Greetings from Malaysia. I have a D-Link DIR-842 router with a USB drive connected to it. I successfully set up the USB file sharing and able to access the files in the USB drive from my laptop when I connected to the Wi-Fi locally. Now, I am away from my house, and I wish to...
  3. J

    How to fix Reset Cisco Wi-Fi Password?

    Hey Guys,My name is John Martin and here i'm facing some problem regarding Reset Cisco Wi-Fi Password If some Know how to fix this problem please guide me i'm facing this problem from last 10 days.I try that step by step process but unfortunately unable to solve.
  4. nexus3019

    Windows 7 Homegroup designation problem.

    Hello everyone! I am having a problem with homegroup. I access internet by connecting to my home WiFi. However, everytime I restart my router, Windows recognise it as a new homegroup even though I change nothing in my router settings. I tried merging different homegroup together, but that...
  5. E

    I want to set up a second wireless router on a Server 2012 PC

    Hello. I have a spare wireless router that I want to attach to a Server 2012 PC using its spare Ethernet port (it connects to the internet over Wifi). I plug the cable into the Internet port on the router, and the other end into the PC's Ethernet port, and share the connection. No Dice. I share...
  6. G

    Windows 8 Check low level debug logs for a WAN miniport

    Hey everyone, I am trying to debug an issue while connecting my router to the internet . Detailed scenario here: Router details: TP-Link TL-WR841N V10 Firmware version : 3.16.9 Build 150310 Rel.55259n When I directly plug-in the LAN cable provided by the ISP(Omwebnet) into my windows system...
  7. Kingsneverdie

    Windows XP No internet connection

    Hi, I have an old pc which has installed windows xp. It didn't had mayor problems with connecting to internet ( we would always connect to it by going to control panel/network connections). There we would pick ours connection, but sometimes, the network connections didn't want to load . The...