Remote Access Files in Router


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Hi. Good day. Greetings from Malaysia.

I have a D-Link DIR-842 router with a USB drive connected to it. I successfully set up the USB file sharing and able to access the files in the USB drive from my laptop when I connected to the Wi-Fi locally.

Now, I am away from my house, and I wish to access the files remotely in my current place. May I know what I should do to access the USB drive files remotely without the need for a secondary computer? I have read online about FTP server/services, port forwarding, static IP, and dynamic DNS, but I have no idea how these elements work together to achieve my purpose.

A well-detailed guide from you guys is very welcomed.

Thank you so much.


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Exposing any kind of file share to the internet is a really bad idea. File shares and even FTP provide little to no protection from brute force attacks. I would just host the files in an online storage platform like Google Drive or OneDrive.