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Aug 12, 2015
I have an old pc which has installed windows xp. It didn't had mayor problems with connecting to internet ( we would always connect to it by going to control panel/network connections). There we would pick ours connection, but sometimes, the network connections didn't want to load . The window wouldn't show anything, like there is no connections. It would be solved with restarting the pc, and then it would work after some time. But after we had to change the router , the network connections window shows nothing and doesn't load after multiple restarts.
Does anybody knows what could be problem?
I'm not good when it comes to wires , specially the ones from the back side of pc, but I connected the pc with the router , and the part in pc does have a green light....
Please, help me
Why are you using the control panel/network connections to get connected? Once connected to a LAN you stay connected. And the green light tells you that you are connected.
I think that your TCP/IP settings are wrong, specially now you changed the router. Find in your PC, the properties of 'IP protocol v4' and make sure that Automatic is chosen for obtaining an IP address and DNS server. I am not on an XP machine and not on an English version so I am not sure how to find it, may be typing 'tcpip settings' in help will help.... Sorry for that.
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Run a command prompt and enter the command:

ipconfig /all

This will display your IP configuration - copy and paste it here if you require help interpreting the output.
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