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  1. Cardinal System

    Windows XP How do I disable Windows XP IDE checks?

    I am setting up a virtual machine to host a Windows XP environment with specific legacy software to replace a customer's broken Dell MTC2 desktop. I used Disk2vhd to generate a VHD from the customer's IDE hard disk and created the virtual machine with VirtualBox. The system begins to boot but...
  2. L

    Windows XP Virtualization on Win xp profesiona

    Hello, is there any way to virtualize win 7 and later, or linux on win xp profesional? Unfortunately, most virtualization devices no longer support win xp. It doesn't have to be a powerful solution, especially if the OS can somehow get a few fps up and running.
  3. Aaron Bewza

    Windows XP Shutdown and Logoff Menus for modern Windows

    Hi, I'm Aaron Bewza and I rebuilt the Windows XP Luna shutdown and logoff dialog menus, because XP is 20 years old this year plus I've had a bit of interest in this while I was building it so I'd like to share it with you. I coded it completely ground-up in AHK (Autohotkey) and it's quite close...
  4. Jonotonas

    Windows XP Languagepack English for win XP

    Hey guys, we got a donated XP Laptop for teaching refugees. Unfortunatily the language of the operating system is German. I need the language pack to change the language into english. The downloadlink in the supportpage doesn't work. Can anyone of you help us to give me the needed files...
  5. Guest21

    Who is sad about Stephen Hawkings death?

    Who is sad about Stephen Hawkings death? Please answer the poll (this is my first time trying it out!)
  6. WF33

    Is This Real?

    I was just seeing a video about all the windows that exist, and I saw this. Is This Real?
  7. K

    Windows XP BSOD 7B on new XP installation.

    Situation is I have a client that just purchased some old POS equipment on the cheep. He gives them to me to set up. Unfortunately he bought several XP machines and the POS program only works on Win 7 and up. I have upgraded one of the computers to Win 7 and the POS program works fine...
  8. Z

    Windows XP Windows XP SP3 Cannot access windows update

    As of recently, there was a widespread ransomware worm attack on computers worldwide due to an exploit in windows servers (im not going to go in depth) and basically the best protection now is to install the latest update from windows that fixes that exploit to prevent attacks. I have...
  9. Howard Rippiner

    Windows XP Changing user Privileges in Windows XP system

    I have a Windows XP system that I still use off-line for a few tasks. I am the only user of it and my account is listed in Windows as an 'Administrator'. However, when I try to load programs onto it, I get a Windows error message: "The installer has insufficient privileges to access the...
  10. F

    Windows XP Live CD Windows 7/8/10 to trim XP laptop's SSD ?

    Hi, (please no advice to dump xp etc, I'm aware of the issues, this is not my question...thanks.) So I'm wondering if it would be possible to benefit the trim ability of Windows 7/8/10, with a Live CD of one of those, on my windows XP SP3 laptop (using IDE mode, and NTFS file system) ? Some of...
  11. GIgaHertzzz

    Do you guys think Microsoft would want this Windows XP UI Redesign for those XP users moving to W10?

    I created this concept yesterday and I posted it in 9gag, people told me that I should "sell" the design to Microsoft for XP users, so what do you guys think?
  12. Nimit

    Windows XP Make Windows XP Start Menu Look Cool

    I have not found any section of Windows XP Tutorials so i am posting this here. This is my first Windows XP Video Tutorial
  13. Rofik

    Windows XP FIX broadcom wirelles bcm4311 radio hardware disabled error hardware and software not sync

    FIX broadcom wirelles radio hardware disabled error hardware and software not syncronize,,,,,,,,, here the trick to solved error problem with broadcom wirelles utility and driver error.. i have ACER ASPIRE 3680 BUILD INbroadcom bcm43x11 and i cannot turn on radio ,, and i canot scan of wifi...
  14. N

    Windows XP Problem formatting HDD

    Hey guys, I tried to format my HDD during installation proces and there was no option to perform this task. It just gave me the option to install Win XP on that drive in the same folder or to install it in the other one (I did it anyway, so now I just have 4 Gb of free space, instead of 30). Any...
  15. Kingsneverdie

    Windows XP No internet connection

    Hi, I have an old pc which has installed windows xp. It didn't had mayor problems with connecting to internet ( we would always connect to it by going to control panel/network connections). There we would pick ours connection, but sometimes, the network connections didn't want to load . The...
  16. Jokubas Matonis

    Windows XP Windows XP: After Dark 4.0 problem

    hello i found LGR made a video of after dark review so i found pc version with iso's around and i got one so i opened setup and error "Couldn't read information about setup file number: 7 in setup package Overall from the setup data file" what i need to fix this? Already Solved
  17. Jokubas Matonis

    Windows XP How i can format 40gb harddrive using MagicPartition 8.0

    i trying install windows xp home edition on my old desktop computer and i got 40 gb harddrive in my house so i needed one and i tried to format by looking at bottom to format and i tried to install but error and heres what it needs it wants windows xp compatible partition so i putted...
  18. Nimit

    Windows 8 Change Mouse Cursor/Pointer

    Hey guys, many people inbox me here to make tutorial on how to change mouse cursor/pointer. some people are noob in this so here is video tutorial: It works for Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and the operating system used in this video (Windows 8.1)
  19. Memory: Windows XP vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

    Memory: Windows XP vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

    The Windows Memory Debate: conducts a detailed analysis of the memory debate surrounding Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
  20. How to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

    How to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

    Proof of concept demo: Some have stated it is not possible to upgrade from XP to Windows 7. Here is the one way to do it.