Windows XP 32 Bit on Windows 10 64 Bit


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Dec 20, 2016
My favorite Windows is Windows XP.

I have the license key for the organization that I used to support for back in 2001-2006 which is for Windows XP Pro, and it is for unlimited number of clients.

I am feeling Nostalgic and want to install it on my Old Laptop which is designed for Windows 7 but upgraded to Windows 10 64 Bit. I read online that there are issues regarding installing Windows 32 on 64 bit systems for virtualization. So I need some assistance in regards to that.

A long time ago I did face an issue installing Windows XP Pro 32 Bit on the same laptop as the main O/S. It did not work and then went back to installing Windows 7.

The system does have 32 bit drivers available for XP and there are methods to get XP updated to the last available update. 32 Bit is better in this case because it won't be easy to find all the old programs in 32Bit format for XP.

There are videos that show how to update the XP to the latest version. I did try one of these videos to update Vista on an old Laptop last year and it worked well. I think that these videos are made by official Microsoft staff or ex employees because the methods are very complicated and connect to hidden servers.

I am interested in doing this challenge. I have never installed any O/S as a virtual system and the other option is to install it as dual boot system.

I am planning to dedicate 1GB of RAM for it.

Please suggest for me the best tips including the following:

-Which free virtual software should I use?

-Should I create a separate partition for this or just install it to a folder?

-32Bit configuration for 64Bit Windows.

-Do I need to use an Antivirus software or will the Antivirus of the host computer take care of all. If not then Which one should I use?

Use virtual box, VMware workstation or hyper v to run the guest os

Windows XP worked 32 bit worked well on VitualBOX of Windows 10 64 bit.

Avast has an antivirus that still works for XP for free.

Managed to do the full XP updates from a video found on YouTube.