dual boot

  1. Adeom

    dual boot (EFI) - windows 10 erases other entires

    I'm trying to set up a dual boot of windows 10 and Fedora 27. On every boot to windows, the windows removes fedoras boot entry (the windows update blue screen shows up at the start of the boot if the entry exists). Used the same dual boot setup over a month ago, worked fine through updates for...
  2. Junayd42

    Dual boot issue with windows 10

    I am using windows 10 as my main operating system but recently I needed to use a software which requires windows 7 due to some compatibility issues with windows 10. I do not want windows 7 as my main OS so I installed it on another partition and it dual boots fine but the problem is touchpad. It...
  3. Swaraj Nandedkar

    Windows 10 Time Not Updating After Switching from Linux Mint/Ubuntu [Dual Boot]

    I am using Windows 10 and Linux Mint in Dual Boot mode on my laptop. Everything is working fine with Dual Boot, except the Time in Windows 10. Whenever i am Switching from Linux Mint to Windows 10, the time is not updating to the current time. Suppose, i switched from Windows 10 to Linux on...
  4. N

    Installing Windows 8 to a specific partition on removable media (dual-boot USB)

    Hi, I've recently been trying to get Windows 8.1 Pro and Arch Linux to dual boot on a USB (specifically, the Sandisk - SDCZ88-128G-G46 - 128GB Extreme PRO), but am having no luck due to inherent restrictions on what Windows can be installed on. When installing Windows from a removable medium...
  5. K

    Windows 10 Windows can's boot after Ubuntu install

    Hello, I attempted to install the Ubuntu 16.04 Linux operating system alongside windows 10 for a dual boot setup, unfortunately things didn't work out as well as I had hoped and now, I can only boot into Ubuntu with varying degrees of success and no internet access as I don't have the proper...
  6. APion

    Stuck at a black screen with blinking cursor [have a dual boot with ubuntu]

    I have dual booted windows 7 with Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop. I had used windows and hibernated when it had low battery(was done when half asleep). But I hadn't taken notice of what happened during hibernate. Later when I opened my laptop, it wouldn't open. I then charged my laptop. The dell logo...
  7. D

    Dual boot screen does not appear

    Hi, I have an Acer Iconia Tab 8 with Windows 10 on it. I recently tried to add androidx86 (google it, I can't post links yet) on a different partition than Windows, but the boot screen just does not appear for me to choose my OS. I can run the android live from my Flash disk, but services like...
  8. Jatin Kaushal

    Windows couldn't create partition, or locate an existing one.

    I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO from the website, Because I wanted a fresh install, so I started the installation, but now, when I am done partitioning, it says it cannot install. And I DO NOT want to create a new partition table on this, it has a ton of valuable data, which is too much to...
  9. B

    Windows 10 upgrade with current Windows 7 dual boot.

    My dad did the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. It looks interesting but I like my Windows 7 setup. I don't want to mess it up. So, can I do a clean install of Windows 10 as an upgrade but keep Windows 7 on the same computer in a dual boot setting? That way I can try Windows 10 without...
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