Windows 10 Time Not Updating After Switching from Linux Mint/Ubuntu [Dual Boot]

I am using Windows 10 and Linux Mint in Dual Boot mode on my laptop. Everything is working fine with Dual Boot, except the Time in Windows 10. Whenever i am Switching from Linux Mint to Windows 10, the time is not updating to the current time. Suppose, i switched from Windows 10 to Linux on 2.00PM, Used Linux for 2 Hours and Switched back to Windows 10 on 4.00PM. After switching to Windows 10 after 2 hours usage of Linux, the time is not updating and still at the 2.00PM [Exactly the Same time where i left the Windows for Linux].

What should i Do?
I found going into time settings and telling it to update iwth network time would get my time working as it should. Bit of a pain and confusing when it first happened. I have just found THIS which maybe helpful